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Back To School — and WebOnlyPiano Discoveries books will teach you to play the piano!

WebOnlyPiano is proud to have teamed up with Heritage Music Press in order  to offer this celebrated course. Each learning level includes a lesson book,  theory book, and an ultra-high quality play-along accompaniment disc (included  in the back of the lesson book). The play along disc is available in all the  popular player-piano formats: Pianomation, PianoDisc, Disklavier and our own  WebOnly format (Roland, Wyman, Pianoforce and others), as well as on standard  midi 3.5″” midi floppies and audio only compact discs. For each lesson that has
a play along track, there is a small disc symbol at the bottom of the  page.

The player-piano and audio formats feature two tracks for each lesson —
one track at performance tempo and one track at practice tempo. The floppy discs
have only one track for each lesson and the tempo can be adjusted as the student

What is so interesting is that while Piano Discoveries was designed for
youngsters, adults have been enjoying it equally as well!  In the “early books”
you’ll see cartoons and play simple melodies (some that are actually “finger
exercises” with a theme), but you’ll be playing them with fun, exciting, fully
orchestrated accompaniment tracks!  What an idea!  Instead of practicing with an
old-fashioned metronome, play with a band!

Just put the accompaniment disc in your player piano, and, magically you
have dramatic, or whimsical, or elegant or rockin’ tracks to play with.  And the
Piano Discoveries course takes you every step of the way!

What is so dramatic about WebOnlyPiano Discoveries is that not only do you
get exciting accompaniment tracks to play with — but the keys on your piano
will move to show you what to play!  It is the ULTIMATE visual/aural teaching

Click here to to go our main Piano Discoveries product page.  There you’ll find links to each set, as well as links to product detail pages featuring audio clips of each
accompaniment track as well as sample page pdfs from each book.

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