NOW AVAILABLE! Floppy discs for legacy Yamaha Disklavier and PianoDisc systems

WebOnlyPiano is pleased to announce that our Solo Piano recordings are now available in the original legacy Yamaha Disklavier and PianoDisc floppy disc formats.

This means that those of you that still have those original floppy disc systems may now enjoy our premium WebOnlyPiano solo piano recordings.  Unfortunately, you are limited to solo piano recordings (and not our full piano with audio/orchestral accompaniment discs) since it would require a CD player.  (For a detailed explanation of why this is the case, click here.)

By the way — the exciting news is that WebOnlyPiano will soon be offering an iPad application that will allow you floppy disc uses to connect your current player system to the iPad and play the full WebOnlyPiano audio+piano content!

In the meantime, here is a list of our solo piano titles that are available on your legacy Yamaha Disklavier or PianoDisc floppys.  Simply click on the individual title to go to that product detail page, or click here to go to the store area that displays all of the titles at once.


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